Me and my un-impressed offspring

I am one person on a mission to help make our South Seattle neighborhoods a better place, one project at a time. I've been doing home improvement and DIY projects for over 20 years and finally decided to try doing work for others. I am happy to do just about anything, from fixing a squeaky hinge to building a storage shed.

I try to bring a unique perspective to problems and want to help people find home solutions that fit their individual needs.

Doing home improvement work is not my primary job. This means that I usually do home improvement work on weekends and evenings. This can be flexible under certain circumstances.




Every person's priorities are different. I will always respect each individual's needs. Some customers want simple and low-cost, while others prefer more complex and high-end solutions. Regardless of your preferences, there are certain guiding principles that I like to incorporate into the projects that I work on...

Make dysfunctional spaces usable

One of my favorite books is "The Not So Big House: A Blueprint for the Way We Really Live" by Sarah Susanka and Kira Obolensky. The premise of the book is to inspire homeowners, designers and builders to make small spaces more usable. The principles outlined in this book are the foundation that most of my design ideas are built upon.

Build things to last

That means using strong materials and building them using techniques to ensure that they will withstand not just normal abuse, but more than normal wear and tear. My standard test for anything that I build is that if I can't stand on it and jump on it, then it isn't strong enough.

Re-use & repurpose

I try to avoid throwing out materials from a demolition and instead find ways to re-use or repurpose materials. If I do need to buy materials, I frequently check Second Use in Seattle first before heading to a regular hardware store.